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You'd think I'd remember to update this darn thing once in awhile.

A new trimester started at school today and I finally managed to get all As and Bs last trimester.

My National Board results came back and I passed everything.

My ovarian cyst is gone but the hormone issue is still there and I'm on medication to regulate my cycle. Hopefully this stuff won't cause the mood swings the way the birth control did.

My sister is finishing up cosmetology school and did my hair during my break. I'm definitely a redhead now. It actually looks pretty good since my skin's pale enough that the red looks like a natural color for me.

The weather decided it was heading for winter unfortunately, so the apartment got cold and we broke the heat blanket back out.

Sean wants me to pinstripe his old motorcycle's gas tank after I play around with a few designs. I'm just hoping I don't majorly screw it up and embarrass him. It's been a long time since I did any serious drawing.

Yay for modern medicine

School's back in swing again and things aren't going too badly there.

Sean and I just had our second wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem like we've been married that long yet.

I've been having some health problems and found out today that I have an ovarian cyst, one of my hormones is about through the roof and I'm anemic again. Go me... I have to see a GYN about the cyst and the hormone since they're probably related.

National Board Exams are Sept. 10 - 12 and I really need to start studying for those. Hopefully I won't have too much trouble passing them.

Sean's truck died and now we have a 2000 VW Jetta. It's AMAZING and it's a stick! We're debating who gets to drive it. Sean thinks it's too nice for him to be taking to work since the interior is leather but I want to keep driving the Corolla because we finally put in a new radio and it connects to my cellphone so I can talk hands-free. Maybe we'll flip a coin or something.

Vacation is coming to a close

I'm on my last week of a 3 week vacation. It was nice and I'm wishing it would have lasted a bit longer but I don't have any say in that. Darn...

Not a whole lot happened, I was having too much fun vegging. Hopefully school won't kill me this round. I've got National Board Exams in September *scarrrry*.

I'm going to try to get some more housework done today and maybe Sean and I will take off for the weekend. We'll see. :D


My yummy bite of fish dinner was on its way to my mouth when it decided to fall off my fork and into my milk glass.


She's gone

Grandma passed away Monday afternoon. The funeral's tomorrow.

Family things + school

Sean's grandma has liver/colon cancer and is in the last stages. She's pretty much in a coma now and we're waiting for her to pass on. His family keeps coming down to visit since we live 20 minutes from her and it's getting really stressful for everybody. I've got three midterms this week and don't know exactly what I'm going to do if I have to skip one to go to the funeral. Hopefully I don't make a total bollix of things.

It's finally spring and the trees are getting leaves! I'm trying to move some of the plants around outside so that we can plant some peppers. Who knew that lillies have such a tenacious hold on the ground?

I'm a lame-o

I haven't posted in three months. Gahh.

Just found out that Sarah got fired. I'm definitely too wound up to go to sleep now. Her bosses are idiots and need to be beaten into minuscule smithereens. Sarah's the best person I can think of to make English classes INTERESTING. Whoever decided that they didn't need her was missing their brain and anybody that agreed with them threw theirs in the trash 20 years ago.

In less distressing news...

I finally managed to pass the class that was giving me so much trouble, the THIRD time around. If I ever see Mr. Morter at the front of a class again it will be too soon.
One of my classes is biomechanics and so far it isn't as bad as I was dreading. The funny thing is, the teacher went to Mich. Tech. to get his Ph.D. awhile back. Small world?
I'm finally taking a technique class. I get to start working on people toward the end of the trimester!
Radiology is pretty cool so far. It's hard to remember what side of the body you're looking at sometimes but hopefully I'll get it soon.

Sean's working on third shift now. The nuclear power plant by us is on outage to replace some parts. They're renting the shop Sean works at to redo some turbine blades. Sean's there from 6pm to 6am as a babysitter. He says it's less stressful than working during the day because the supervisors that drive him crazy aren't there. It's playing havoc with his sleep schedule though. He's dragging because he keeps waking up before he gets in six or seven hours of sleep.


I haves a new toy!!!

'Tis an iPod Touch!!!

I'm excited, can you tell?!


Where do I start?

School's in full swing again. I'm retaking one of the classes from last trimester but it's actually more interesting this time around. Our first exam was this morning and I feel decent about it. We'll have to wait and see when the grades get posted. I really dislike my Microbiology class. I had one at Tech that was AWESOME compared to this and I didn't really like so at the time. The other classes are pretty boring except for Organ Histology (teacher is amazing) and Palpation (hilarious awkwardness ensues because we get to know each other more than we were planning on). I will say this and leave it at that - drawing on VERY LOW backs right now.

My class did an outing to see the local minor league baseball team play. It started raining part way through the fifth inning and the game was canceled. Sean was my knight in shining armor and ran out to get the car in the downpour. The amount of water coming down was ridiculous. We got a little ways down the road and discovered lots of rain + road at river level = stalled car. We managed to get it out of the road and onto higher ground in a short period of time but it took a long time to get home. When we finally got back, we swung by the fire station in case there'd been a call (Sean's a volunteer fire fighter) and, low and behold, there was a downed power line. Sean came home long enough to change into dry clothes and then was off again. He didn't get to come home until 9 the next morning because the power company could get out here until then. Instead of sleeping after that, he went to the library with me to donate blood. I found out my iron was too low so no donating for me. Sean donated and THEN came home to sleep. Crazy man.

We're in the process of buying a motorcycle from one of my aunts. We've got it down here now and are trying to pay her for it in chunks. It's a 1981 Honda CB 500. Sean just got it back from the repair guy today (needed some cleaning) and says it runs great now. He's down at his cousin's working on siding on their garage.

Woo-hoo for a fast paced life.


My vacation is almost over!!!! :( Very sad.

We went back to Michigan last week to visit my grandparents and spent some time at an aunt's house. My grandpa has Parkinson's Disease and hasn't been doing well lately. The aunt that we stayed with came down here to help finish painting. We're pretty much done except for the stairwell. That might be a day in itself.

School starts back up Tuesday and I don't want to go! I like what I'm learning but having time off is really nice. We don't really get vacation time the rest of the year. *sigh* I suppose I'll live.